In the wake of the continuous mind-control against the American People, this producer is filing a trillion$ lawsuit over the so called Sandy Hook shooting. A hoax on a grand scale from a group of alleged script writers, producers, and actors to prey on the American Citizen’s mind using children depicted as the victims of this alleged Adam Lanza madman school shooting.

I have said it a thousand times over, explaining in multiple articles, posts, and verbally in my daily life, this shooting was an act played out on multiple mind-control apparatuses to continue the secretive hostile takeover of our country.

A hostile take-over of our rights and liberties. A plot exposed so deep, only the best minds can wrap their heads around it at a 360 degree angle. Most can only see the angle of the mainstream media stage or identify the main agenda to disarm the nation..

More has to be done to bring together the best minds to expose and bring to justice these criminals who are hiding in the shadows and reaping rewards for their wrong doings. A sickening plot which indoctrinated millions of people.

There is a great sadness which comes over me when I come upon a conversation about the SH shooting and realize these people are making justifications for disarming Americans, changing laws, and bringing about a suppression on our rights because they beLIEve children were actually killed. Proof the mind-control scripts performed on the mainstream and AP platforms are winning and their criminal take-over of America is a successful campaign. A Jeanie in a bottle – if you will…

Go along to get along.. Love fixes everything, don’t question anything, don’t speak unless it is politically correct, and most especially, it’s for the children and safety and security of the nation.. These are the implanted thoughts (which are not their own) to continue to beLIEve a total LIE…

I will put some interesting and truth telling articles I have written over the past four years exposing the 360 degree agenda behind the Jared Lee Loughner shooting, the Sandy Hook shooting, the Boston Bombing, and the deep plots surfacing as a result of these alleged shootings. Just look at the latest Dylann Roof Storm shooting. More plots and plans to deface America. I wonder what the Citizens of Iraq felt when their country was defaced over the 9/11 lies..

Who do you think of when you ponder finding the truth about these events and the true agenda behind the scenes?

Don’t let our country continue to go to hell because of a hand full of criminals hell bent on slapping down this nation with a smirky smile on their collective face..

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roof dylann stormQuiet. Soft-spoken. Those were a few of thequalities that the uncle of suspected shooter Dylann Storm Roof, 21, ascribed to his nephew, now in police custody in North Carolina after being identified as the man who shot and killed nine people in an African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina.

And yet the photos we have been shown of Roof in the media– as with mass killers like Jared Lee Loughner, James Eagan Holmes and Adam Lanza, to name a few – show an angry young man with soulless eyes. Another obvious mind-control subject.

And the most dramatic photo of Roof, clearly painting himas a racist, is one of him standing in front of a swamp wearing a black jacket festooned with patches of apartheid-era South Africa and one from white-run Rhodesia, now called Zimbabwe.



hate1Detective George Freund) – Another mass shooting rocks the nation. A lone assassin attends a church service in Charleston, South Carolina. The church is infamous with a history that goes back 150 years to the era of the civil war and slavery. However, Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church is still the center of controversy today. It’s Pastor Clementa Pinckney and State Senator was the primary victim. We are immediately told the motive for the crime. It was a HATE CRIME. However, leaping to conclusions is not the hallmark of a proper investigation. It usually means evidence is form fitted to suit the theory. Clementa Pinckney was well known as an activist in police abuse issues. He paved the way for police body cameras and led protests in the shooting death of Walter Scott. He just attended a fund raiser for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Could there be another motive for the murder?



Check out Maryland’s ‘Terror Billboards’  –

(Jack Mullen) – Driving around the State of Maryland (State slogan: “The Free State”) one could get the impression he or she has passed into an alternative universe where the State had morphed into a dystopic, Orwellian-Jumbo-Tron surveillance state complete with big screen outdoor billboards advising ‘citizens’ to be ever vigil of possible terrorist activities and encouraging ‘citizens’ to report any ‘suspicious’ activities they might observe.

Orwell’s “1984” can be viewed as the Bible of Tyranny, Mind Control, and Scientific Enslavement, the entire book is a explanation of today’s manufactured false reality, culture and expression of a totalitarian State supported on fear; a mind crushing, thought controlling, humanity limiting, IQ damaging, containment cube, squashing the life and potential out of the ‘citizen’ while confining the soul to a prison of impossible self-actualization.

The State of Maryland and other states now under the control of nationalist hating, Constitution ignoring, One World Government promoting, agents of a foreign occupation force are participating in a giant psychological operation (psy-op) trying to give credibility to the phony terrorism narrative being pushed on the public mind by the Usurped Federal Government.




18May2015: Obama announces restrictions of military-style equipment to police

FOLLOWERS: This morning, the Obama administration has announced major restrictions on the distribution of military-style equipment to police in light of the Ferguson riots in Missouri. The public outcry has grown over the past couple of years to eliminate the local soviet-style gestapo growing like a plague on American soil. Unfortunately, mostly due to false scripts written to promote fear of the ‘terrorists’ hiding out in our local communities. However, as we have witnessed over the past few years, the police have and are being trained the ‘bad guys’ aka ‘terrorists’ have been aimed at the American Citizens.

The White House announced this morning, “Washington would no longer provide some military-style gear while putting stricter controls on other weapons and equipment distributed to law enforcement.” This is good news! However, it does not eliminate the unconstitutional training the police receive which lists various Americans as criminals and/or terrorists. See the Missouri MIAC report, as well as others.

A shoot-to-kill mindset has already been instilled through training programs designed to continue a ‘war-game’ type scenario within our communities. There are a number of implemented polices and procedures within local police departments designed to continue a growing police-state here in America. The outrage from Citizens have only put a minor dent in the fight to abolish this type of terrorist behavior inflicted upon the People from the police and sheriff’s departments.

Most police are hired directly from the war zones of Afghanistan and Iraq and are given a false image of a super-soldier identity and are indoctrinated into beLIEving average Citizens are criminals. Most especially, those who operate a vehicle on the highways and local streets. Catch the bad guys… However, they are really just revenue collectors and don’t realize it. Some do, some do not. It is very hard to recognize officers as heroes anymore when the agenda is driven by treating the average Citizen like a criminal before a crime has even been committed.

The problem in this country is the Citizens have also fell victim to the indoctrination to call the police on every situation and have forgotten how to handle their own situations which arise in their daily lives. The insurance companies have embedded their control into the communities and have recruited the police departments into enforcing their financial control over the Citizens. For example, the war on drugs, the war on DUI’s, the war on texting while driving, the war on terrorism. All designed to keep the legal system, the city, and the third party contractors (prisons, probation offices, treatment centers, SATOP programs, etc) in business…. a sham, a scam, a sheep herding manufacturing line of continuous financial and legal control over the People. 911 has been hijacked and designed to control Americans and the People have fallen hard for it. Just ask most and you will receive a response similar to, “it’s for our safety…” beep…. “it’s for our safety…”

However, the announcement from the White House and spewed by the propaganda media FOX NEWS, targets racism and the killing of blacks as the reason for the restrictions. It seems racism is the target of recent divide and conquer of the nation. In reality, everyone has become a target.

Just because the recent announcement was made on restrictions on the distribution of military-style equipment to police does not mean we will see a change in the police-state in America. Consider the Jade Helm military style drills and other exercises designed to control Citizens. A true military style take-over, a hostile occupancy. Eliminating the revenue collector police from having the military style equipment and weapons does not eliminate the true military occupancy taking place…


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08May2015: Horrifying Botched Paramilitary Police Raid Map… Oh My…

Followers – this botched paramilitary police raid map is outrageous and unacceptable here on American soil! How long will the Citizens go on allowing this type of terrorism in America?

What has become of this country and most especially, what has become of the People of this land? This is true proof a paramilitary police force has risen and those that want to use the label ‘conspiracy theorists’ are guilty of aiding in the hostile takeover of this country.

It is a deep shame and embarrassment to watch the People of this country become enslaved and controlled to support communism and live everyday in a groggy mind set, while ignoring the faint snarl in the distance resembling another Red Terror creeping in…

“If a widespread pattern of [knock-and-announce] violations were shown . . . there would be reason for grave concern.”  — Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, in Hudson v. Michigan, June 15, 2006.

SEE MAP HERE>>>>   http://www.cato.org/raidmap

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ALSO READ THIS PLOT TO MAKE SURE  WE ARE DISARMED… VERY SNEAKY…  http://www.thegovernmentrag.com/how-nasa-navy-aided-in-trading-americans-guns-for-technology-and-littoral-ships.html#.VU1EEvlVikp



07May2015: TSA to Conduct Overnight BombTraining Exercises at Yeager Airport

“According to the release, this series of exercises will be used to train and test bomb squad responses to explosives-related incidents at the airport, and offer training opportunities for federal, state and local public safety explosives experts and military explosives ordnance teams.”

CHARLESTON, WV — People who live near Yeager Airport in Charleston may hear or see emergency vehicles next week, but officials want them to know it’s only for safety training. (SURE, IT’S ALWAYS FOR YOUR SAFETY AND SECURITY… RIGHT?)

The Transportation Security Administration will be conducting several full-scale training exercises at the airport from May 12-14. The training exercises will happen between midnight and 4 a.m.

“This is a valuable opportunity to partner with like-minded public safety agencies as we work together to train and drill during an exercise that is specifically designed to test capabilities in an aviation environment,” said Karen Keys-Turner, TSA’s Federal Security Director  for West Virginia. “This will enable us to develop best practices, test the capabilities of all emergency response personnel and foster stronger working relationships and familiarity among the participants.”

Read more: http://www.wsaz.com/home/headlines/TSA-Conducting-Series-of-Overnight-Exercises-at-Yeager-Airport-May-12-14-302761751.html